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Triple Net Companies offers data-driven Triple Net Lease Properties for sale with our proven Buyers Broker model on NNN property investments within the US. Sell your investment home at the highest price and reinvest your profit into long-term stable cash flow while sheltering it from taxes. That is intelligent investing.

Triple Net Companies LLC successfully helps people sell their investment homes at the highest price and reinvest their trapped equity into very desirable real estate investment with much higher returns.

Buying right triple net lease properties determines your financial future. You need someone who represents you! Traditional brokers, by law, must represent their sellers. Triple Net Companies, LLC only represents buyers. Furthermore, Triple Net Companies works directly with developers so you can buy the best properties before they’re marketed, many times before they’re even finished. Finally, Triple Net Companies pays for a third-party developer and attorney to negotiate the best deal for you and to do the due diligence with you. These are the steps we take to make sure you’re getting the best possible property to insure your best possible future. An Investment Grade Single Tenant TripleNet Leased Property issimply a property an investor ownsthat comes with a lease to a multi-billion-dollar corporation like a Starbuck’s, McDonald’s, or Dollar General. Triple net properties are unique in that the tenant manages the property and pays all the property taxes, insurance, and maintenance. The investor pays no expenses and has no management involvement. He just gets a check every month.

What are the factors you should consider when buying an NNN investment property?

Single property owned by the investor
Leased to a multi-billion dollar corporation
Investment grade credit rating
Leases your property for 10-80 years
Guarentees your lease payments
Pays all your expenses including taxes, insurance and maintenance
Manages your property
You receive monthly lease payments

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