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What are Triple Net Lease Properties?

Triple Net Properties are commercial properties in which the tenant is solely responsible for paying all expenses, including real estate taxes, insurance, and maintenance in addition to rent. A well chosen triple net lease property or NNN is leased to a multi-billion dollar corporation with an investment-grade credit rating and comes with a 15-year initial lease, multiple 5-year extensions and a corporate guarantee that guarantees lease payments regardless of what happens to the building or the economy. Investment Grade Single Tenant NNN properties are simply properties an investor owns that comes with a lease to a multi-billion-dollar corporation like a Starbuck’s, McDonald’s, or Dollar General. Triple net properties are unique in that the tenant manages the property and pays all the property taxes, insurance, and maintenance. The investor pays no expenses and has no management involvement. He just gets a check every month.

Why Choose Us?

Simple, because we’re able to find you the most sought-after triple net lease properties by working with developers. This allows us to buy properties before they’re marketed and many times before they’re even completed. This also allows developers to sell their properties without having to incur marketing expenses and allows us to provide our clients’ properties at a discount.

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